People of Manchester

People of Manchester - Viva la Northern Quarter
PEOPLE OF MANCHESTER  |  Viva la Northern Quarter © Glenn Bailey

Sooner than expected, I found myself once again walking around Manchester. This time I wandered around my old haunt, the Northern Quarter.

If the Northern Quarter was a person, say, a member of your family it would be that cousin you hardly ever see as they’re in some far flung country, maybe travelling the world, getting life experience … And you see them for the first time in 6 years, and you’re “HEY, HOW ARE YOU DOING! you look awesome, where have you been? and what are you wearing?”

I guess what i’m saying is the Northern Quarter is awesome! it’s full of many different colours of life, culture, food and art. And although the bars and restaurants have changed since I was last there, it was still warm, and welcoming. Just like catching up with your distant Cousin, and finding out just exactly why he’s wearing a dodgy peach sarong

If you get chance, I highly recommend eating at TNQ, the food is outstanding, and the staff were really cool too!

The northern quarter - motley crew
PEOPLE OF MANCHESTER  |  Motley crew © Glenn Bailey
PEOPLE OF MANCHESTER  |  Mental note, when asking people for their photo, don’t shoot into direct sunlight, and ask them their names. Sorry guys, i’ll do better © Glenn Bailey
PEOPLE OF MANCHESTER  |  White on white – The Chef of TNQ, takes time out before starting the evening rush. © Glenn Bailey
PEOPLE OF MANCHESTER  |  Sam a waiter at TNQ models a very strong look © Glenn Bailey
PEOPLE OF MANCHESTER  |  Carl and Kirod … Sorry guys if i’ve just murdered your names © Glenn Bailey
PEOPLE OF MANCHESTER  |  Fran and Diana let me take an amazingly awkward photo. © Glenn Bailey

I try my best to get eye contact with people when it comes to street photography, as I find it gives a bit more edge to photo … however, there are always folk who are so engaged with their phones that they don’t see a guy walking right up to them with a camera. I feel it gives a whole new element to the photos, and lets be honest, it’s unavoidable these days.

The Northern quarter - the great outdoors

PEOPLE OF MANCHESTER  |  the great outdoors © Glenn Bailey
the norther quarter - quick ciggie
PEOPLE OF MANCHESTER  |  Untitled © Glenn Bailey
PEOPLE OF MANCHESTER  |  Pokemon GO is still very much alive in the Northern Quarter © Glenn Bailey
PEOPLE OF MANCHESTER  |  Untitled © Glenn Bailey
PEOPLE OF MANCHESTER  |  “I don’t do requests” © Glenn Bailey